funny orca image Sometimes You Just Have to Jump for Joy Because You're a Killer Whale
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This baby orca is one of four babies born to a Southern Resident orca pod after nearly a three year stretch of unsuccessful births. This happy calf was spotted jumping and playing with her family members in the Salish Sea. She's obviously happy to be alive and according to an interview with Global News some folks with the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) are excited about it too.
Michael Harris, executive director of PWWA told Global News that this calf, named J50, seemed particularly overjoyed. Due to teeth marks seen on J50's back, researchers believe that other whales may have helped her along during her birth. Harris speculated on the reason the little whale kept jumping, saying that, "Maybe the other members of her family realize how precious she is, and how close she came to never making it into this world."

This image is one of many pictures of J50 breaching and playing with her family.

Via Tasli Shaw

Via Clint Rivers

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