Queen Elizabeth Has Added A New Member To The Royal Family, And He's Adorable!

Queen Elizabeth, a long time Corgi lover, has added a new member to the family. The Queen has recently adopted a corgi named Whisper. Whisper was previously a member of the Fenwick family. 

a picture of a younger queen Elizabeth the second and her pet corgi - cover photo for a story on the queen and her newest adopted corgi
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cute dogs corgis Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto
Via: @kimchithecorgi
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Cherry Beach Dog Park in Toronto may never be the same after the mayhem that ensued at this event organized by the Greater Toronto Area corgi owners group. 

Via @otimusprime

Sure things look civilized at first glance but just watch the insanity in action. 

A video posted by monica (@monicaddomingos) on

Deplorable. Any attempts to get the situation under control were thwarted by the sheer enormity of the corgi horde's cuteness.

Via @browniethecorgis