23 pound canadian lobster king louie freed
Via: ABC News
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The idea of a giant lobster should send a shiver down your spine. It should have you sharpening your pitchfork and lighting a torch to get this monster as far away from the countryside, where its reign of terror knows no bounds, as possible.

But that’s not how they do things in Canada. When they have a monster lobster problem, they do the nice thing, the polite thing, the Canadian thing: They set it free.

King Louie, the giant 23-pound, 100-year-old lobster, was just lucky enough to be caught in Nova Scotia, and because of his local celebrity, he was purchase and freed yesterday. Never to be glazed in butter nor kill innocent victims with his hefty pinchers, King Louie returned to the deep to stalk.

Costing roughly $230, King Louie was purchased by a compassionate woman who wanted to see this lobster go free. It was polite, yes, but also dangerous. For somewhere, out in the deep, this ancient beast waits for his next victim.

cat rescued after nine days on a power pole inspirational
Via: Amber McCall
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Cats might have nine lives, but after nine days atop a 45-foot-high power pole, this cat might be fresh out.

Luckily for him, utility workers were able to bring the little guy down. The Fresno Bee reports that a cat named “Fat Boy” climbed to the top of a massive power pole and hung in there for nine days, sitting through rain and wind without water, until Pacific Gas and Electric Co. workers in Fresno, California were able to get him down.

Wait, the cat’s name is “Fat Boy,” and no one would help? Not even the fire department?

“We called everyone – anyone that could help, but they didn’t come,” said Andrew Perez, Fat Boy's owner. “He’s a nice cat. He probably went up there because he got scared by a dog. I was scared.”

Thankfully, PG&C was there to help “Fat Boy.” Let's get a better look at him to celebrate.

via The Fresno Bee

Wow. Fat Boy. 

The Fresno Bee says that power to 250 homes had to be shut off or a few hours so workers could get Fat Boy.

“It’s not a simple thing to climb a power pole and get a cat down,” he said. “The first thing we have to do is de-energize the line – it’s a 12,000-volt line. Sometimes we wait out cats on poles… 99 percent of the time, cats come down on their own. In this case, it’s been up there that long, we just made the decision to go ahead and go up there.”

The world is yours, Fat Boy. YOLO, Fat Boy. YOLO.

new experiment proves that dogs can actually understand what were saying
Via: Eniko Kubinyi
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From the Independent: "In a world-first experiment, academics in Hungary trained 13 dogs to voluntarily lie in an MRI scanner to monitor what happened in their brain when the researchers spoke to them.

They discovered that dogs’ brains process language in a similar way to humans, with the right side dealing with emotion and the left processing meaning. 

It was only when both sides of the brain agreed they were hearing praise that the dog was truly happy."

Via: Great Big Story
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