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Some of us sport a kitty-patterned tee shirt with sincere love and admiration for the feline kind, while others just dig that groovy cat style for an ironic fashion statement. Regardless of whether you're pledging allegiance to cats or just trying to look good, there's finally a line of hip threads for felines that turns the trendy tables and puts human faces on the furry ones!

Cheezburger has partnered up with the fine folks at Betabrand to bring you the Clothes for Cats Collection. No longer will people be the only ones to dress up like the animals they love! It's finally time to celebrate the common bond between cats and humans and provide a way to express that kinship in a way that never existed before.

custom cat structures

When your cat wears a Human Shirt, all other cats will wonder if he actually loves people, or if he's just making an ironic fashion statement. Or is it, in fact, a post-ironic statement on the human condition?

custom cat structures Cat-styled onesies are all the rage for everyone from infants to octogenarians, all of whom can attest to the unbridled happiness that dressing like a different species can provide. With the Human Onesie, your beloved cat can now experience the same level of bliss!

custom cat structures You think your cat is just chasing that string for entertainment? A little known fact: Cats are the most body-conscious creatures on the planet. These Crop Tops and Muscle Tees allow them to show off their perfectly sculpted figures at last.

To learn more about what this new feline fashion line has to offer and to place your order, visit!

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Hey fellas and menswear-appreciating ladies! Need an update on your wardrobe? Menswear Dog is an NYC fashion-loving dog with everything you need to look your best.

According to his blog, "Menswear Dog is a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ b!tches."

Click HERE to check out Menswear Dog's blog!

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Erwan Fichou's photos of dedicated dog owners features the happy pet owners wearing clothing made out of their own dogs' fur.

The fur was brushed and collected over time and then knitted into sweaters. I guess the fur would have otherwise gone to waste... but would YOU be willing to wear a sweater made out of your pet's loose fur?

Click HERE for more dog-hair outfits!

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