Squee Spree: Pudú vs. Tapir

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Bottom picture via: Zooborns

Today's Squee Spree is between two South American animals: The Pudú, the world's smallest deer, and the Tapir, with their unusual prehensile snout. Who will win? You decide! Check back next Monday for the results!

Squee Spree! What will it be?

Squee Spree: Coati vs. Tapir

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On this week's Squee Spree versus we have two very different but both very squeexotic creatures, the Coati and the Tapir. Coati are house-cat-sized, fluffy members of the raccoon family from South America, and Tapir are big ungulates from South Asia, with squeedorable, pig-like snouts. Which makes you squee?

Vote in the comments and be sure to check back Monday to see who won!

-Sally Squeeps

Baby Tapir and Mom

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That squeedorably awkward moment when you try to kiss but your noses get in the way and bump each other.

- Sally Squeeps

Curious Tapir Calf

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This baby Tapir is about as curious about us as we are about him. He's so exotic, mysterious, and squee!

  • Sally Squeeps
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