A Dog of Two Ears

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By Unknown
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Kyphanie says This is my Sammy on the day we adopted him. One ear is floppy and the other is erect. it's all part of his cuteness that won us over.

HALP! My Tongue Is Trying to Escape...

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Kirsten says Our greyhound, Badger, had to have most of his teeth removed when we first adopted him due to poor care when he was a racer. Now living the amazing life as a rescued Greyhound, his lack of teeth means his tongue often loses the battle against gravity.

Reader Squee: Rescue Dog to the Rescue!

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MamaWhiskey says: "This is our dog Koby, we adopted him and he has become a huge (no pun intended) part of our family. He's so good with the kids—he loves to play. Our daughter put the swim rings on him and he didn't bat an eye!"

Koby looks like a big sweetheart!

-Sally Squeeps

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