Start Your MOnday Off With a Big Smile From These Adorable Animals

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This video may try to convince you that it's a challenge to NOT smile, but it's already Monday. F**k Monday, smile!

Watch Bao Bao the Baby Panda Roll Around Adorably in the Snow for First Time

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What’s black and white and rolls down a hill?

Bao Bao the baby panda enjoying her first snow day at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

While Tuesday’s snow may have ruined your day, the sixteen month-old cub seemed to really enjoy it. The little ball of fur tumbled around in the white stuff and wrestled her mother Mei Xiang.

And she wasn’t the only one amused by the storm. Here are some lion cubs tackling each other and a gray seal shoving its nose into the snow.



Puurfect LIttle Baby Bats Rolled Up Like Burritos!

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Never before have little flying demons looked so cute.

After losing their mother in the extreme heat event in Australia, these baby bats were rescued and taken in by the Australian Bat Clinic for rehabilitation.

Part of their care involves swaddling them in tiny blankets and giving them tiny pacifiers until they are old enough to go back out into the wild.

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