Important Announcement Regarding Commenting

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Important Announcement About Commenting: Beginning on Monday, only registered users will be able to comment on our sites. Once you've registered with us you'll be able to see all of your comments under "My Comments" on your profile. Also, your comments will no longer sit in moderation for quite as long, which allows you to comment more and keep up with the conversation. Of course you'll still be able to comment using your Facebook profile as well.

Stay tuned as we continue to make Cheezburger a happier place!

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Classic LOLcat

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Oh hai Cheezfriends! Dis lol will be the last of our 'Classic Lols' feature of the day. Please feel free to bookmark the tag below to browse all Classic Lols we've featured!

Check owt sum other classic LOLcats heer!

Lol by princesskitteh123