Goggie ob teh Week: Molosser

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"The Boxer is part of the Molosser dog group, developed in Germany in the late 19th century from the now extinct Bullenbeisser, a dog of Mastiff descent, and Bulldogs brought in from Great Britain. The Bullenbeisser had been working as a hunting dog for centuries, employed in the pursuit of bear, wild boar, and deer."


Goggie ob teh Week: Boxer Victory!

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U voted last week in da poll between da English Coonhound and da Boxer 2 determin wich goggie wud b teh breed ob teh week dis week. It wuz veeeeeery klose but luk!! Teh Boxer wins!!

Tank u 4 votin in teh poll! So wifout furthur ado, heerz ur furst Boxer ob teh week. We hoap u enjoy dese lubbly goggies!

Goggie ob teh Week FACE OFF: Boxer vs. English Coonhound

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Tyme 2 pick da nu Goggie ob teh Week! Lern moar bout dese breedz by reedin undr teh poll! Who do u want 2 b Goggie ob teh Week? Fun fakts about teh Boxer: "Bred in Germany, the Boxer is a breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dogs."

Fun fakts about teh English Coonhound: "The English Coonhound, also referred to as the American English Coonhound or the Redtick Coonhound, is a breed of hunting dog that is typically bred in the Southern United States."

Plz vote in teh poll, share dis post on Facebook, and leev comments on dis post! Chek bak on Monday 2 see who won!

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