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World's Worst Cat: A Thread (25 Tweets)

Cats are unusual animals, one moment they can be cuddly and sweet, and the next moment you can find a poop nugget in your bed. 

What gives? We give them food, water, shelter, attention, and most of all, love. So why are some cats repaying us in such a mean and annoying way? Welcome to 'World's Worst Cat'! A Twitter thread started by @_cingraham when he shared the fact that his cat has been waking up their toddler in a means to wake up the household. Pretty darn evil... and genius. But mostly evil. 

Now, we want to hear from you! What things have your cats done that would qualify them for 'World's Worst Cat'?

world's worst cat tweets cats funny lol hilarious twitter animals aww cute | John Pearson @chefjohnpearson Replying _cingraham My horrible boy climbs door frame dead night and dive bombs my groin like pro wrestler
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