world's smallest reptile


Tiny Species Of Chameleon Might Be World's Smallest Reptile

Introducing the world's smallest (maybe) reptile, the Brookesia nana! According to National Geographic, this species is likely to be the smallest reptile on Earth! Before the Brookesia nana was discovered, it was believed that another tiny chameleon species, Brookesia micra, was the smallest reptile species on Earth. 

The new Brookesia nana species is roughly about the size of a sunflower seed and can fit on the tip of a finger. This tiny chameleon species from Madagascar may already be facing endangerment. 

While the future of the species is uncertain, due ro the forest being serverly degraded, the good news is that these adorable chameleons have recently been included in a new protected area in Madagascar. 

worlds tiniest reptile discovered - thumbnail of a tiny chameleon on finger tip
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