why you should get a cat


Impurrant Reasons Why You Should Get A Cat (Tweets)

The new and hot Twitter account, Why You Should Get A Cat, is a page dedicated to posting hilarious and adorable pics of cats for people to use in order to convince their parents to let them back a cat. 

Brilliant, no? We certainly wish we had a site such as this when it came to convincing our parents when we were younger! However, it exists now and that's all that matters. There are many reasons to get a cat, and while this Twitter account doesn't necessarily list reasons why the photos posted do give us a strong urge to run out to the shelter and adopt even more lovable love bugs! 

If you recently adopted or want to share your reasons why you should get a cat, check out our new Facebook community, 'ICanHas Storytime' where our users can finally share their stories. 

cat tweets on why you should get a cat - thumbnail of a cat and iced coffee on the table and cat playing with iced coffee and the ice coffee spilled on the table without the cat present
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