Rare Moments: Animals With Butterflies On Their Noses

Chance encounters between different species are always something to behold. Puppies with kittens, cats with babies, big scary cats with tiny house cats, it's all incredibly adorable. But what are the chances of a butterfly sitting on an animal's nose? And not only that but capturing such a moment in a photo? That's as rare as these moments get.

Today, we are sharing some of these rare moments with you. Wholesome moments of butterflies ending up on the noses of other animal species. These butterflied are entirely unsuspecting, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful. Any pictures of animals with butterflies are something to cherish, not just nose butterflies, and we've got some of those for you to enjoy too.

pictures and videos of butterflies on different animals' noses thumbnail includes two pictures including a bear with a butterfly on its nose and a cat on its back with a large yellow butterfly on its nose
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