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Cat That Is Perpetually Having An Existential Crisis

You know how you sometimes catch your cat staring at the wall - like for a good half an hour without turning its head - and you wonder... what in the world does it see there? There has to be something. The wall is not all that interesting. And eventually, you come up with the theory that your cat is psychic and sees ghosts or something. Well, now we have proof of it.

Meet Noodle, the cat who is constantly having an existential crisis. Obviously, the reason his eyes are always so wide is because he... sees things. He sees ghosts and the whole universe, and he understands so much it's overwhelming. There can be no other explanation - obviously, he can see through multiple dimensions at once. 

imgur posts about a cat who always looks shocked thumbnail includes two pictures of a shocked-looking cat in the fridge 'sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge friendlynoodles'
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