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Uncreative But Perfectly Accurate Names Given To Pets (Viral Tweets)

Choosing a name for your pet is not an easy task. It's the name that will stick with them for the rest of their lives, that'll make them come over when you say it (or totally ignore you when you say it if they're a cat). So, you wanna get that name decision right. Or not. 

A bunch of tweets that wet viral show that even the simplest, least inspired, least creative name can be a good one so long as its given by people who care about the pet. TC seems to be a name that people enjoy giving their cats, and guess what it stands for? The Cat. Yup. Simple, accurate, catchy and hidden in plain sight. You'll never suspect what it stands for unless you ask. 

viral tweets of people giving their pets uncreative but accurate names thumbnail includes a picture of a small dog on a couch 'Dog breed - SOLO @Sophia_Lor3n Replying to @AlanMassenburg My dog is called T.D which is short for " Tiny Dog". He has a real name but he answers to TD 5:22 PM Jan 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 98 Retweets 18 Quote Tweets 5K Likes'
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