walter santi

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For several years at this point, this man's outdoor cats have been living in his garden. But the time has come for possibly one of the kindest cat owners in the world to let these kitties into his home. 

Not only did he build all of these cats their own beds (in the shape of little houses of course), but he went ahead and separated his basement from the rest of his house with a wall to give them their own space (in addition to the garden of course). On top of all of that, he installed heated floors into their space to give them a warmer place to hang out during the colder days. 

In this video, he shows his cats coming into their new home for the first time, and the results are heartmeltingly adorable - from the cats who just jump right in to the ones who are nervous and hesitant. They all look extremely happy once they settle though, and we are happy for them.