Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #

Every week we collect the highest voted cat memes that our users created for ICanHas Cheezburger's LOLCats. If you want to check out more cat memes that we know will make you laugh, check out Lolcat 

If you have some funny ideas and would like to submit them, take a look at our Meme Builder.

Cats are the world's answer to all the bad karma we bring upon ourselves. All the judgments and critiques you should have gotten all this time, cats know every one and let you know it every time they give you one of those guilty looks that make you look inwardly for penance and start saying all those "Hail Marys" you have forgot for the last decade. Fortunately for us cats can also be found as some of the best memes around, with endless content to use and countless pictures to choose from to make the latest sarcastic viral meme. And in that same vein, you have to check out some of these super spicy memes collected from the best we could find for your pleasure.

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