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"Hotels With Cats" Is The World's First Travel Directory For Cat People

Welcome to the world's first travel directory for cat people. It is a magazine and travel blog to help you find hotels with resident cats, sanctuaries, shop cats and cat cafes so you can meet cats wherever you go. 

Here is their story as told on their facebook page: "The Hotels With Cats came to me when I was traveling in Asia in 2017 for six weeks. I missed my cats so much and was so happy that the last two hotels I stayed at on my travels had resident cats. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, if we could find cats wherever we go? And so the idea to develop a directory of Hotels With Cats was born". 

The website was launched in September 2017 and ever since has grown impressively.
But its mission is more than just sharing photos of cute cats - "Hotels With Cats" will raise the profile of cats around the world and support the businesses that ️️love them. They believe, just like us, that kindness to cats is good PR.

By searching their website, you're able to scroll through their extensive directory to find the purrfect place to stay no matter what country you're visiting. Here are just a few of their resident cats featured from their Instagram page.

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