this is not my cat


Collection Of Comedic 'This is Not My Cat' Moments

Have you ever just had a cat randomly appear out of nowhere in your home? Maybe your car? Maybe your porch...wherever it might be one thing is for certain... you have been CHOSEN. 

Yup, the cat has chosen and there for you now own a cat! The users of the subreddit group r/notmycat might now this all too well, as they upload adorable and downright funny experiences of their own. 

We just can't get enough of these funny cats! Whether they are in malfunction mood or writing fun poetry on twitter! 

Well, enough about that. Let's see some cats! 

A funny thumbnail of a cat that snuck into a house and claimed the couch, a thumbnail for a list of other cats as people upload photos to the subreddit 'this is not my cat' | Apparently neighbour kitty knows cat doors work and now this couch is rightfully hers.
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