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Parkland Students Honor The Therapy Dogs, That Helped Them Cope With Tragedy, With A Yearbook Page

Students in Parkland, Florida, dedicated a page in their yearbook to honor the 14 therapy and service dogs that helped them get through the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting that took place just a year ago.

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By hailee
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Hailee says: "Lumpy was dropped out of a car and abandoned in a residential area where she came to sleep in our bare rose bed. We intended on only keeping her until her owners contacted us but no one ever came! Can you believe it? Now she is a certified autism service dog (and bed hog)."

That is a tragic story, but I am so glad it has a happy ending! Also that is wonderful that Lumpy is now able to help others in need; I think many of us are tearing up with heartfelt squees.

-Sally Squeeps

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