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In a world of constant depressing news being shoved into your face, it's refreshing to see a story like this. As simple as it might be, it just fills your heart with some hope and happiness.  

While other visitors at the Singapore Botanic Gardens stroll around looking at the nature, this women was engaging in some rather unusual activity. 

Armed with a green brush which looked like it was made for cleaning toilets, the lady was scrubbing the backs of numerous terrapins, trying to remove the algae off the surfaces of their shells.

The terrapins, in return, can be seen flocking towards the sweet woman, almost as if she were some 'turtle whisperer'. 

A passer-by, Nur Hafiza Ariffin, happened to capture the heartwarming moment and uploaded the video to Facebook.

According to Hafiza, "The terrapins happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned and once its done they cutely walked off. Everyone needs a good back scrub once in a while, right!"