Hooligan Doggo That Likes To Pee On Tangerines Goes Viral

Every pet has its strange little habits. Sometimes, your cat will try to eat your plants, or maybe your cat cries every time you take his sweater off. Maybe your dog has a thing about eating all of your pants, I know mine does, or maybe... your dog likes to pee on tangerines. Don't question it, it happens, pets are weirdos sometimes

Demikmj on imgur, who's pupper does just that, decided to share some pics of him when she was bored, and boy oh boy, did the internet eat them up. We love animals with weird habits, what can you do? The weirder the habit, the more special they are and the more love they deserve

viral thread about a dog who likes to pee on tangerines thumbnail includes a picture of a dog next to a tangerine bush '"He loves peeing on the mandarins. Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband! Don’t worry! I washed them, and smelled them. Plus, you don’t eat the skin anyway!" - Demikmj'
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