Tumblr Thread: Cats Stopping At Nothing To Get Sweets

If you own a cat, then you know that no matter how lazy, no matter how polite, your kitty will have moments of absolute madness sometimes. It makes sense. They still all day every day, sometimes, it seems that they just need to expel some energy. Now, that might come in the form of zoomies in the middle of the night or, perhaps, it'll come in the form of them being the encapsulation of chaos and trying to eat your cake. 

Literally though. This utter-cat-madness tumblr thread as taught us that some cats will go absolutely nuts for anything sweet and will stop at nothing to get it. So, watch your little feline, make sure to hide anything dangerous they might eat, and make them a nice fish-cake sometimes for not pushing your mug of your table that one time

tumblr thread about cats going nuts for sweets thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat with its face covered in frosting 'Font - newgoofbootin Follow this photo set gets me every single time. The absolute chaotic narrative of if all. The feral expression of sheer blissful abandon. How much did they already EAT to get so much gooey crumb mess on their face. What even is the PHYSIQUE of this cat?? Spindly slenderman of a creature must, can, and WILL have pink frosting at all costs'
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