First-Known Cat Case Of Covid-19 Survives

Papille, the French cat, has survived the coronavirus infection and feline good! 

Papille is a nine-year-old cat and is recorded as the very first pet being infected by the virus in France. It's most likely that Papille got the virus from her owners, who were also COVID-19 sufferers. 

"Mum found it strange she was showing the same symptoms as a human: fatigue, a cough and bouts of lethargy. We said to ourselves, 'perhaps it's COVID-19. Unlikely, but perhaps'," Brian, Papille's owner told Reuters

"She couldn't stand, she wouldn't react when we called her. She'd barely lift her head," said Brian. "It was us who transmitted the virus," he continued. 

Science director at the Alfort National, Vet School, Renaud Tissier said, "Human to animal transmission is not something that is impossible, but it is very rare, We have no cases of humans being infected by pets."

Thankfully, Papille is back to her old self, purring contentedly, and getting a lot of love and affection from her owners. 

We're so happy to hear the news! Wishing Papille a long and healthy life! Check out the pics of Brian and the lovely Papille below! 

Story via Reuters

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