Smoothie Artist Creates Delicate Drawings of Animals Out of Superfoods

We love smoothies! All the yummy fruits and even veggies sometimes! But how can anyone take smoothies to the next level? Well, first it was blending in superfoods... now it's creating masterpieces out of those superfood right on top of the smoothie! 

Hazel Zakariya, the New Zealand-based artist told Vogue, "It all started with a happy accident...I was trying to garnish my soup with coconut cream swirls, but it didn't turn out as planned, so I added some pesto and created a tree." And thus... an idea was born! 

Since then, Zakariya has created amazing works of art that not only look incredible, but taste amazing and are super healthy for you! We decided to take a casual scroll through her Instagram feed (which has amassed more than 20,000 followers), we were totally taken away by her amazing skills!

a creative artist creates pictures of animals on smoothies
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