spooktober special


Spooktober Special: Wholesome Cats And Kittens Inside Pumpkins

It's Halloween month, and everyone is getting festive. That includes out cats and kittens, of course. And what better way is there for them to get ready for Halloween than to get into that new orange house that you worked so hard making for them? Oh, it's not for them, you say? Pttt. Of course it is. 

Halloween is the time of year when some animals reeeally get to thrive. You got your black cats finally getting the time in the spotlight that they deserve. Suddenly, people are aware of how adorable tiny bats can be. It's a beautiful time, and these are beautiful kittens, and we are so excited for this year's Halloween!

pictures of cats and kittens inside of pumpkins thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a cat sitting in a pumpkin with its legs coming out through the holes in the pumpkins and another of a kitten hiding inside of a pumpkin spooktober special
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