Texans Brought Their Farm Animals Into Their Home During The Snowpocalypse (Thread)

It seems like the weather in Texas is finally getting better but it's no surprise to anyone at this point as to just how scary this experience has been! Freezing temperatures in a state completely unprepared for it, no power, and now there's "boil water" notice in effect. Poor Texans have gotten hit hard but in times such as these, there are always some heartwarming sights that set a fire in our hearts. 

During what is being called, "snowpocalypse," many people have brought their outdoor animals into their homes, in order to protect them from the freezing temperature. In a Twitter thread started by @yashar, we see photos and hear stories of those who took in animals during these times. 

thumbnail of cow by fireplace "People are bringing their farm animals into their living rooms Texas so they don't freeze death."
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