Danger Noodles Donning Tiny Yet Appropriate Hats (38 Images)

We are on a hat roll! Seriously, in the past few weeks, we've seen hedgehogs in tiny hats for all occasions, we've seen bunnies in hats, we've seen Halloween-inspired hat gear for animals, and also just a variety of cute animals donning the stylish outerwear. If there's something we can't seem to get enough of is animals in hats. 

We're here to add to our animal-hat-wearing-collection but showcasing they adorable danger noodles wearing some stylish hats! There is an entire subreddit dedicated to the art of hats for snakes and it's just the kind of content we need in our lives. 

A majority of these images are of an adorable 8-year-old Ball Python named Snakey. Snakey loves going on adventures, he is friendly and curious and definitely adorable. You can follow Snakey on Facebook to be kept up to date on his latest fashion wear!

snakes wearing tiny hats - thumbnail includes two images of snakes | cute little snake wearing a tiny red fez hat | funny snake wearing a baby Yoda soft hat Star Wars Mandalorian
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