snapping turtles


Baby Snapping Turtles Look Like Tiny Dinosaurs In Disguise

Turtles and tortoises are some of the coolest animals on the planet in our opinion. They live for so long, they're so resilient despite being so slow, they're chill and - don't forget - they're so adorable. They look like they're little prehistoric dinosaurs left on the earth from some time in the past, strolling around, watching the world evolve all around them. 

All turtles have that feeling to them, but baby snapping turtles really encapsulate that dinosaur image. On top of that, they might be some of the most adorable turtles we've ever seen. And considering how cute we think all turtles are, that's a real achievement lol.

pictures of cute baby snapping turtles thumbnail includes two pictures of baby snapping turtles on someone's palm
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