Food-Stealing Cats Snaps (16 Cat Snapchats)

Thursday already? Oh my! We're feeling groovy knowing that Friday is just one day away and another weekend is upon us! And not only that but that means it's time to harvest the weekly freshly sprouted cat snaps

Cat snaps are a very essential part of one's diet, it holds all the necessary nutrients one needs to have a complete balance of all the food groups. You may think that cat snaps are simply a dessert, because of how delicious they are, but we can assure you they are very nutritious. 

If you're having a rough week and need more snaps for an added boost, they're always last week's leftovers!

fresh cat snaps - thumbnail includes two images - one of vegemite "I left the kitchen for 2 minutes & my cat punctured 100 fang holes in my brand new Vegemite." cat in a chair "Oh, you're back from the bathroom and want your seat back? Should've called seat check!"
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