Most Endearing Animal Nuzzles And Smooches

Animals don't actually kiss. That's ones strange activity that only humans participate in. But animals do some things that would look like kissing to us. They nuzzle and snuggle each other, pressing their noses together or to each other's fur. And though it may not be classified as kissing, it's definitely done to show affection.

The week is finally over, and we don't know about you, but we definitely feel like we need some affection right about now. So, we put together a bunch of pictures of animals "kissing" - nuzzling, snuggling, and showing affection in a way that we would definitely send to our friends saying "Look! My kitties are kissiiiiiiiiiing."

pictures of animals 'kissing' nuzzling each other thumbnail includes two pictures including two alpacas with one of them nuzzling the neck of the other and another picture of a big dog touching noses with a tiny puppy
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