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Lost Doggo Turns Himself In To The Authorities

Meet the handsome Chico! A very good, and very smart boy who reported himself missing to the Texan Police. 

At the Odessa Police department, in Texas, an unexpected visitor happened to appear at the front desk. A polite doggo who gently put his paws on the front desk, as if there to report something important. 

Oh wait! There was something important Chico had to report -- himself! Chico was missing and there he was at the station, completely nonchalant about the ordeal. Sergeant Rusty Martin, among the officers who saw Chico that day, said the dog didn't seem distressed about his lost status at all. 

After hanging at the station, and receiving plenty of "love and attention," Chico decided it was time to bolt. Before taking off, the officers tried to gather info on the canine but it turned out to be more difficult than they imagined.

Unfortunately, the ID tag had fallen off from his collar. Therefore, animal control was dispatched to check for a microchip.

Fear not! His owner soon reported that Chico returned home safe and sound. 

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