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Spooktober Special: Adorable Bat Pics And Vids

BOO! We're in the early days of Halloween and Spooktober is in full swing! Today we celebrate and honor the spooky month by appreciating adorable bats! Or as the internet likes to call them -- sky puppies! And for those who never understand why they're called sky puppies, after seeing these big-eyed bats, you'll understand everything. Also, bat children just so happened to be called 'pups.'

A majority of the fellowing bats are rescued bats at the Bats Queensland, which is a volunteer organization for flying foxes and microbats in South East QLD Australia. You can follow them on Instagram to see the stories behind each adorable furry face.

Open your spooky heart and read more about these incredible animals of darkness

adorable bats being their sweet adorable selves - thumbnail of baby bats sleeping and yawning
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