Pet Detective Reunites Thousands Of Pets With Owners

There's a real life Ace Ventura Pet Detective in Shanghai, Asia, and he's incredible at this job! 

Meet Private sleuth Sun Jinrong, a real-life pet detective who gets the job done, and unlike Jim Carey's Ventura -- does so without the goofiness. 

Though, we are quite fond of the goofiness. 

Anyways, Jinrong is being dubbed as the nation's FIRST pet detective! Apparently, he is completely stoney-faced but adores animals so much that he solves only animal-related cases. 7 years ago, Jinrong first launched his pet detective business and so far has reunited around 1,000 missing pets back with their worried owners.

And he solves each case with the help of high-gear tech. 

Can this dude sound any cooler? 

Story via Breaking Asia

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