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35 Exquisitely Stunning And Unique Sea Slugs Images That Will Mesmerize You

Wow! Who else has the urge to go diving and see these exquisite sea critters in person? Did you know that there are more than 3000 known species of sea slugs (Nudibranch)? And each one is so colorful and unique, it was hard to limit it to just 35 images! 

beautiful colorful slugs
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Japanese Sea Slugs are adorable.
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We all know Japanese culture appreciates some cute things and it's found another one in a sea slug.

The jorunna parva, or adorable bunny slug of the sea, has been making the rounds of Japanese social media and setting a new standard for cuteness in slugs.

We admit, it's not a very high bar.

Just look at them:

Oh, and they are also absolutely tiny, growing to a maximum of 21 millimeters.

As we say, the lovely little things have been crawling their way across the international Twittersphere. Unfortunately, we don't read Japanese, but we can assume these admirers are big fans of the bunny slugs.

Go ahead and watch the adorable things in action.