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Deep Diving With Some Shark Facts

It's the beginning of Spooktober and what's spookier than creatures of the deep sea? So much is unknown and the information we do know can be just as scary as the unknown! 

Sharks. If someone tells you, while in shark-infested waters, that they aren't afraid of sharks... they're definitely lying to you. Sharks are terrifying! Yes, they're also amazing and very important to the balance of the ecosystem but that doesn't change the fact that they are essentially dinosaurs. They've got this haunting movement and look, those black eyes... and all those teeth! 

As part of our Spooktober special, we bring to you 25 shark facts that are pretty unnerving. Enjoy! 

scary and interesting shark facts - thumbnail of shark fact "since 1950, 93% of all shark attacks have been on men"
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