New 'Pixie And Brutus' Comic Reveals How Brutus Obtained His Scars

One of Instagram's most popular artist, Ben Hed, also known as @Pet_Foolery, has finally released a comic in which we discover the truth behind Brutus's scars from his military past. Brutus, from the fan-favorite series, 'Pixie and Brutus,' would be described as having a tough exterior but has a warm, doughy, soft spot for the innocent Pixie, and he does all he can to protect that innocence. 

Now that Pixie has grown up some, Brutus finally tells Pixie the story of how he got his scars, and it's intense. Ben Hed had this to say about his most recent comic, "This comic is based on research and experienced sources. It's NOT just something I made up for an edgy story."

*Just a warning before proceeding to view this comic, this comic contains scenes of military combat, violence, and blood. 

newest pixie and brutus comic about how brutus got his scars - thumbnail of first two panels of the comic Remember do said tell ya happened older mean | Oh mean scars? Yeah don't have if don't wanna. No fine.
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