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Culprit Who Stole Endangered Lemur From Zoo Finally Found

The endangered ring-tailed lemur, known as Isaac, was stolen from Santa Ana Zoo last summer. When employees at the zoo showed up for work that faithful morning of July 28th, 2018, they noticed something was amiss. The lemurs and monkeys were wandering the zoo like small furry tourists -- completely loose. 

Someone had cut holes in the chain fence large enough for their escape. The zookeepers jumped into action and used grapes to capture the lot and did a head count. One was missing. The 32-year-old lemur, Isaac. Isaac is believed to be the oldest ring-tailed lemur currently living in captivity in North America. 

The search party began immediately, but things took a strange turn. 10 miles from Santa Ana, the police received a phone call from the Marriott Hotel stating that the have a strange parcel at their door, along with a head-written note,

"This belongs to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was taken last night please bring it to police."

The zookeepers and the rest of the staff were thrilled to have Isaac back unharmed. But the question still remained, who? and why?

Police have finally got the answer.

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