Sweet And Salty Birbs (Mostly Parrots)

Does anyone else feel like getting a bird after seeing so many of these pictures and bird memes

We totally feel the urge. They just seem like constant entertainment, and always keeping you on your toes. One moment they can be cuddly and sweet, the next, they somehow got a hold of a pair of scissors and won't break eye-contact with you. 

You never know what your day will be like, or end up like, with a bird around! For those of you who are feeling the same way and need an extra push, check out the subreddit r/parrots for endless joy. 

birbs birds parrots funny lol animals aww cute sweet salty pics photos | Taken one second before disaster. parrot about to bite down on another bird's tail | ME: I don't want a new bird, they only bond to you and want nothing to do with me! NEW BIRD cuddling into a person's shoulder
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