Miniature Meme Collection Of Cats And Salami (A Suitable Snack)

Is salami a suitable snack for a cat? The internet says yes, and cats are saying "heck yes," and we say -- "bring on the salami memes!" 

The 'cats can have a little salami' meme originated from a 2017 Google search for "can cats eat salami" and has since turned into a wholesome phrase this month. It gain massive popularity when Redditor u/heheokaydude posted a 'cat eating salami' meme on the Subreddit r/blessedimages. 

Now, we have cat salami memes. We're not complaining, though. We love cats. We love Salami. What's not to love here?

One commenter claims, "It's true. I gave my cat salami and she loved it. I tried to give her pepperoni and she wasn't a fan."

There ya have it, folks! 

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