Matching Besties: Custom-Made Robes For You And Your Dog

Remember those days you would call up your best friend and figure out matching outfits for school, parties, and trips? This is like that only way better... because this time, it involves your furry best friend! And who wouldn't want to match with their furbaby? 

Etsy shop ThePoshPawsCompany creates custom-made and fitting robes for dogs! We're sure some of the smaller sized robes could fit cats as well, but we all know cats aren't too fond of dressing up!

The Posh Paws Company sells multiple products meant for owners and their pets but the robes have to be the most unique product offered. The robes are made with a soft fleece material and come in 3 colors: cream, gray, and red. You can also pick your own embroidery or custom design (with an added fee, of course). The price ranges from $49.99 to $63.51 for a human robe, and $28 to $40 for a doggo robe. 

There's also an available size chart that caters multiple dog breeds, from chihuahuas to fox terriers!

Check out the adorableness below:

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