robert the otter


'Robert The Otter's Insightful Guide On How To Handle The Coronavirus Anxiety

It's no secret that people are getting more and more anxious everyday, reading all those scary headlines about the coronavirus. 

Even Robert was feeling anxious! Until he spoke with his wife and gathered some insight and useful facts. 

Meet Robert! Robert lives an ordinary life, earns an ordinary salary and works hard to support his family. 

Oh, and Robert is an otter. 

"Robert the Otter" may seem like a cutesy facade, but he has proven to be aware of what's happening in the world, and offer another perspective. The newest comic by the Singapore artist is making waves, for a good reason. If you're feeling anxious, maybe take a moment and read what "Robert the Otter" has to say. 

otter comic coronavirus infographic helpful | art comic illustration drawing OTTER WAY LIFE Coronavirus: Am overreacting Anxiety robert..otter few days ago went Supermarket buy rice my family. And this happened. CASHIER Then started receive MANY panicky messages about virus robert..otter
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