Unique And Purrfect Ring-taild Cats Appreciation

There's a good chance many of you haven't heard of this adorable animal - the ring-tailed cat. Surprisingly, it's quite a common animal, but only in certain areas. It's also not really a cat. It's actually part of the raccoon family which makes it... a catoon. 

It's another totally underappreciated, awwdorable animal that we feel deserves some love, and for all of you, animal lovers, who haven't heard of this cutie, it's a good way of finding pics to show off to your friends. 

So, give some love to this catoon who's desperately in need of it, and aww your way through these pictures. 

pictures of the ring-tailed cat thumbnail includes two pictures including a ring-tailed cat in a tree and another of a ring-tailed cat in a bucket
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