Amusement Park Straps In Giant Teddy Bear For Thrilling Ride

A Dutch theme park called Walibi Holland has just re-opened to the public and share an unusual group of thrill-seekers riding their 'Untamed' coaster. 

In a fun and original way to invite back fans, and announce their re-opening, the staff has strapped 22 oversized teddy bears into the coaster for the best thrill ride of their lives! 

Viewers were so amused to see the plush dolls bouncing up and down as their ears flapped catching some serious air! Only thing missing? The exciting screams of excitement mixed with a bit of fear of the unknown.  

The video did the trick though! The footage went viral and brought smiles around the world! 

"This has been the best thing I've seen in lockdown," one YouTuber commented.

Another person wrote: "Never have I wanted to be a teddy bear more in my life!"

Story via MSN

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