red squirrels


Photographer Befriends Squirrels And Takes The Coolest Pics

Meet the fantastic Geert Weggen! Photographer extraordinaire from both Sweden and the Netherlands, and might be an actual squirrel-whisperer. With more 60,000 followers on his Instagram page, Weggen has been focused on red squirrels for the last several years and managed to become best friends with the critters. 

These photos are so remarkably whimsical! We feel as if we've been transported to another world that's just pure delight!

squirrels photography amazing animals whimsical art beautiful red squirrel | funny photo of a squirrel painting a heart on a canvas using a tiny easel while another squirrel climbs it to watch | silly amusing pic of a squirrel weightlifting holding above its head barbell made of branch with acorns on each side
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