New Short Comic From Jenny-Jinya About Extinction

Leave it to Jenny-Jinya to hit us right in the feels on the day of love. Jinya uploaded a new short comic on February 14th and as always, it brought the feels along with it. 

Jenny-Jinya is quite known for her reaper comics, and her strong messages that come with each and every comic. Some comics are happy ones, most are sad, but all make us want to sob. This short comic is no different. The comic is about a Carolina Parakeet who asks death to see their colorful feathers once more because it's been so long and they can't remember what it looked it. The rest is Feel-Town, USA, population us. 

After the comic was uploaded, Twitter users quickly shared their thoughts and pain. Follow Jenny-Jinya on Twitter and/or Instagram

thumbnail of ghost parakeet on deaths shoulder "Hey Reaper it's been so long I don't even remember what my feathers looked like Hm, well Can you show it to me again?"
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