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10 Adorable Bunnies That Turned Out To Be Funny Too (10 Gifs)

Bunnies aren't just cute... they know how to be funny too! We are sure they don't mean to be but we can't help but share the cuteness and little giggles! 

How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight? Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? I haven't and I'm wearing glasses right now so it clearly isn't the carrots. But regardless these happy hopping hares are just a innocent delight to watch and play with. 

One of the more massive kings of the animal kingdom wouldn't be thought of as cute or funny, but these goofy polar bears certainly changed my mind. And no arctic animal collection would be complete without the king derpy doggos of the north, our beloved huskies. Either or you are in for a treat because somehow the bigger these animals are, the funnier their nonsense. 

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