puppies in bags


Dogs Chilling In Bags Are Ready For An Adventure

We're all aware of cats and their weird obsessions with sitting inside things, but you might be surprised that this aawdorable habit extends to doggos as well. At least when it comes to hanging out in bags. I mean... they do know that bags = walk, so maybe it isn't that surprising.

Regardless, it sure is adorable! They're sleepy, they're excited, or they're ready for an adventure, seeing the world from a new vantage point and getting to relax and not do any of the leg work. We love puppies, we love puppies in bags, and with some work, any doggo - no matter how big -can be a bag doggo. 

pictures and tweets of dogs and puppies hanging out inside bags thumbnail includes two pictures including a smiling dog sitting in a bag and another of three chill dogs hanging out in a bag together
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