Adorable Tweets About Puffins From Skokholm Island, a Beautiful Bird Colony in The UK

The Skokholm Island is Britain's first bird observatory & the World's densest Manx Shearwater colony that provides a relaxing gateway for the bird lovers. 

According to their home page, the island, which lies in the Celtic Sea two miles off the southwest Pembrokeshire coast, has its own charm and sense of remoteness with tall, sandstone cliffs and a wild landscape. 

In spring and summer, it is colonized by tens of thousands of nesting seabirds returning to their island home. By day there is a frenetic activity among the Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots and gulls and by night there is a more vocal but equally hectic commotion from the Manx Shearwaters and Storm Petrels.
The island is approximately half a mile across at its widest point and a mile in length which makes it perfect for exploring. There are never more than 26 people on the island, that's 10 acres of space for every visitor!

On their twitter page, you can find many fascinating facts and adorable videos of birds. 

We have collected the best ones about Puffins.

Adorable Tweets About Puffins | Skokholm Island @Skokholmlsland We thought that, given the lack of visitors, the Puffins might become a little more timid around us. Not so much, photo taken by a person sitting on a beach with their legs outstretched while birds climb them
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