Service Dog Appreciation Because Doggos Deserve Love

We all know that heartwarming feeling that goes through our entire body when we see a service dog on the street because we know that these dogs are the purest, most wholesome and good kind of doggos. They help people and get little in return. We can only aspire to help human beings as much as these dogs are. 

The very least we can do for these service doggos is serve them back by learning about them and giving them as much love and support (and snacks) as we can. So, today, courtesy of a viral tumblr post, we are going to learn about these puppers and show them the love that they truly deserve

list of different kinds of service dogs with explanations about them and pictures thumbnail includes a picture of a dog and a kid lying on the floor with the caption 'Photo caption - (Conpr Autism Therapy Dogs Dogs are specifically trained to aid people with Autism, giving them an anchor in overwhelming situations. The dogs also provide an emotional connection not achievable by some with Autism'
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